Are you a Madridista? Speak up

One thing that I LOVE about the Know Thy Madridista section is the voice that it gives us Madridistas across the globe. Isn't that what's this place all about after all?

To expand this community forward, how about giving you guys the option to share and say what you feel like as Madridistas? You can contribute posts, videos, images (that you created or captured), images or anything really.

Hope you guys like the idea and contribute towards the same. Ofcourse, the credit for every post would go to you. :)

If you have anything to say or share, you can easily do it by contacting or sending a mail directly to tanuj[at]

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  1. Honestly..I'm new madridista..I live in Indonesia...I feel different when I watched Real Madrid play..not like as other football club...there is something special...I know some story about Real Madrid..n yeah its amazing club...n for me..I'm woman..I don't wanna lie..players handsomeness makes me more love Real Madrid hehe :p ..I'm happy to know madridista in around the world..n I join in's RM's fansclub in Indonesia..

  2. Thanks for the comment @RahmiFitria :)

    The point I'm trying to make with this post is that fans like you, may want to speak up on issues and not have a place to say it. This is where this blog would try to help by putting your ideas and opinions be heard. Hope you do pass on the word to Indonesian Real Madrid fans as well :)

    Thanks :)

  3. I'm a madridista and proud ! What she said is true, it feels different watching real madrid play its like I don't wanna turn away cz u never know what's gonna happen, real madrid always surprise me when they get out on that field and I love them!

  4. am very happy with realmadrid and what jose morinho done. Hala madrid

  5. yes of course this idee is true but real madrid is not good for the second round pls ia m love fc bercalona

  6. Hello,
    I just became a special madridista, and i wondered how long it takes to get the official card, scarf and the rest delivered? I live in Holland so i thought it shouldn't take too long.


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