During half time and before the game, Hala Madrid! anthem is played at the Bernabeu, now you can play it at home to stay in the Real Madrid mood! :)

Facts around the official Real Madrid Anthem:

  • Was created during a train travel from Aranjuez (part of Community of Madrid) and Madrid.
  • Jose de Aguilar (composer) was assisted by 32 musicians
  • Santiago Bernabeu got directly involved during the recording and had this to say at the end of the recording - “The record must be enclosed with a photo of the singer and tomorrow it will be presented to the whole board. It will become one of the symbols of Real Madrid”

Lyrics (in Spanish)

De las glorias deportivas
que campean por España
va el Madrid con su bandera
limpia y blanca que no empaña

Club castizo y generoso,
todo nervio y corazón,
veteranos y noveles,
veteranos y noveles,
miran siempre tus laureles
con respeto y emoción

¡Hala Madrid!, ¡Hala Madrid!
Noble y bélico adalid,
caballero del honor.
¡Hala Madrid!, ¡Hala Madrid!
A triunfar en buena lid,
defendiendo tu color

¡Hala Madrid!, Hala Madrid!, Hala Madrid!
Enemigo en la contienda,
cuando pierde da la mano
sin envidias ni rencores,
como bueno y fiel hermano

Composer: Luis Cisneros Galiane
Lyrics: Luis Cisneros Galiane, Marine Garcia, Amora Farina and Antonio Villena Sanchez
Performer: Jose de Aguilar
Music style: March

Himno del Centenario (Hymn for the Centenary)
In 2002, on the occasion of 100 years, a new anthem was created. The performer of the anthem is Placido Domingo who is also a Madridista. The anthem required 82 musicians at the time of recording.

Lyrics (in Spanish)

Hala Madrid!
Hala Madrid!
Campo de estrellas
Donde crecí
Hala Madrid!
Juegas en verso
Que sepa el universo
Cómo juega en Madrid
Sale el Madrid a luchar
Sale el Madrid a ganar
Hala Madrid!
Hala Madrid!

Composer: Jose Cano
Lyrics: Jose Cano
Performer: Placido Domingo


Real Madrid Anthems (5.4 MB) - Real Madrid Anthems to sing along on game nights!