Since it was Angel Di Maria’s 23rd birthday and Sergio Canales’ 20th birthday in the week, I thought it would be fun to have another play centric crossword just like the previous one on Cristiano Ronaldo :) So remember, today’s crossword is all Angel Di Maria and Sergio Canales!

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  • 1. Canales made his league debut against this side
  • 2. Di Maria made his debut for Real Madrid against this side in a pre-season friendly
  • 3. This Russian club offered Di Maria a contract which he eventually declined


  • 4. Di Maria's first goal in Champions League for Real Madrid came against this side
  • 5. Sergio Canales was born in this town of Spain
  • 6. Di Maria was born in this town in Argentina
  • 7. Sergio Canales' name
  • 8. Sergio Canales and Spain won the UEFA U-17 Championship in this country

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You can also get the printable version of this crossword here so you can scribble at it when away from your computer :)