Real Madrid Crossword - 4th Edition

Since it is Cristiano Ronaldo's 26th birthday, I decided to have a crossword dedicated to him. I think a guy who has been scoring as well as he has for us deserves some love :) So remember, today's crossword is all CRISTIANO RONALDO!

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  • 1. Second name of the person Ronaldo is named after
  • 2. Ronaldo debuted against _______ Rovers in the pre season.
  • 3. Ronaldo scored his first Real Madrid goal against this La liga side.


  • 4. Ronaldo began his career for this Portuguese club
  • 5. Ronaldo's first goal in Europe came against this side
  • 6. Ronaldo holds the distinction for being the first player to win this award
  • 7. Ronaldo made his international debut against this European side

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  1. Time: 0:00:16 by LiamMcDonagh on 2011-02-06
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  3. Time: 0:02:05 by Nadeen on 2011-02-05
  4. Time: 0:02:32 by @ILoveReal on 2011-02-05

You can also get the printable version of this crossword here so you can scribble at it when away from your computer :)

Thanks Saajid Vawda for the correction on one of the answers!

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