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  • 1. He scored against Juventus in 1998 final and later held role of Sporting Director
  • 2. Second name of first Real Madrid president
  • 3. This German managed Real Madrid after Capello
  • 4. This French forward is finding it tough to score goals


  • 5. First name of longest serving Real Madrid manager from 1960 till 1974
  • 6. He was the first in the Galacticos to be signed by Perez
  • 7. Real Madrid's training ground

Top Times

  1. Time: 0:00:50 by Hannah G on 2011-01-22
  2. Time: 0:00:50 by Pamela on 2011-01-22
  3. Time: 0:01:20 by Jai Prasanth on 2011-01-22
  4. Time: 0:01:34 by Galapago555 on 2011-01-22

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