Real Madrid Crosssword

To make this blog more interactive and fun I thought of having weekly crosswords just like the weekly Know Thy Madridista section. Hope you like it and have fun :)

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  • 1. He replaced Vicente Del Bosque in 2003
  • 2. He scored the fantastic volley in 2001-02 UCL final
  • 3. Captain before Raul
  • 4. Name of the stadium


  • 5. First name of top scorer in 18 games for Real Madrid
  • 6. Striker signed from Liverpool
  • 7. He was the president between 2006 and 2009

Top Times

  1. Time: 0:00:28 by Pamela on 2011-01-15
  2. Time: 0:00:43 by Semir on 2011-01-15
  3. Time: 0:00:49 by Saajid Vawda on 2011-01-15
  4. Time: 0:02:17 by Radhika on 2011-01-15
  5. Time: 0:04:19 by Galapago555 on 2011-01-15

You can also get the printable version of this crossword here so you can scribble at it when away from your computer :)

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