New Real Madrid signings Crossword

Unlike previous transfer markets, we didn't go out and splash money like crazy. We brought on Hamit Altintop, Nuri Sahin, Jose Callejon, Raphael Varane and Fabio Coentrao into the squad. How much do you know about them though? Let's give it a test :)

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  • 1. Sahin played for one year for this Dutch side on loan
  • 2. Upon his return to Real Madrid, Callejon played his first game against this side in pre-season
  • 3. Where was Raphael Varane born? (City)
  • 4. While playing for Vila Do Conde, Coentrao earned the nickname **** das Coxinas?
  • 5. Who is younger, Hamit Altintop or his twin bother Halil Altintop?
  • 6. Altintop won the 2010 Puskas Award for scoring an absolute belter against this side in Euro 2012 Qualifiers


  • 7. Nuri Sahin became the youngest player to score in the Bundesliga when he scored against which side?
  • 8. Raphael Varane played for 8 years in this team's youth setup
  • 9. Coentrao has had a very brief stint in La Liga before, for which club?
  • 10. Callejon has a twin brother and both were part of Real Madrid's youth setup. Right or Wrong?

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You can also get the printable version of this crossword here so you can scribble at it when away from your computer :)

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  1. i'm be for the real madrid.

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