Guest Post: El Clasico - Statistically speaking!

The following post is a guest contribution by Saviola87, a Madridista from Abu Dhabi. She voices her opinions on the crazy month of April with not one or two but four Clasicos coming up! You might want to read her Know Thy Madridisa as well. Enjoy!

El Clasico has always been more than just a match. It is viewed by millions all over the world. The rivalry between Real Madrid & Barcelona dates back to about a century ago. It’s not only about two clubs facing each other, it’s more like two regions,  one representing Spain & the other representing Catalans. Even FCB’s motto, “mes que un club” which means more than a club proves that. Real Madrid was formerly known as Madrid Football club. Then, the Spanish president, King Alfonso XII, granted the club the royal name (Real) in 1920. That was one of the things that triggered this rivalry.


Some might think I am a bit biased with what I am going to say, in a way I might be leaning towards defending Real Madrid because I am a Madridista, but I’ll be stating some statistics. What made me write this was all the comments I have been hearing from cules and all the fun they make of the Whites. Before talking about the rivalry, I would like to point out that FC Barcelona call themselves “cules”. The name comes from “culo” which means “ass” in Spanish if you didn’t know. That was after a group of supporters used to climb on walls to watch their club play and the only thing that shows when people pass by was their ass. Just a “fyi”.

Below is a table of the head-to-head between the two clubs.

Competition Real Madrid FC Barcelona Draws RM goals FCB goals
La Liga 68 63 30 262 251
Copa Del Rey 9 14 5 55 59
Copa de La Liga* 0 2 4 8 13
Spanish Super Cup 5 2 1 17 8
Champions League 3 1 2 12 7
Total 85 82 42 354 338

*Tournament created in 1982 but was cancelled in 1986

About 42% of the readers of FIFA World Magazine voted for RMCF as the best  club in the 20th century while the second best was Manchester United which got less than 10%. That is when FIFA has named Real Madrid as the most successful club in the 20th century. The head-to-head statistics above show that Real Madrid are the better side in this rivalry. They have won more than FC Barcelona and scored more goals. The first match between these teams was held on May 13th 1902 when the Catalans beat the Whites 1-3. That was just a few months after RM was founded, while FCB was founded since 1889. The biggest score was 11-1 for the Whites in January 2nd 1944.

Below is a table that states all trophies won by each club

Competition Real Madrid FC Barcelona
La Liga 31 20
Copa Del Rey 17 25
Copa de la liga 1 2
Spanish Super Cup 8 9
Copa Eva Duarte 1 1
Champions League 9 3
UEFA Cup 2 4
UEFA Super Cup 1 3
Latin Cup 2 2
Copa Iberoamericano 1 0
Intercontinental Cup/FIFA Club World Cup 3 2
Total 76 71

Again, the table proves that overall Real Madrid is the better club. They won more trophies than FC Barcelona. However, if we look at the records nowadays, I will admit and say FCB are the better side. The 5-0 loss back in November was a strong slap. “La Manita” as they call it has shocked Madridistas, even though the Whites had a good start to the 2010/2011 season. We can’t grieve over that now,  there are important matches coming up. Mourinho’s pride wouldn’t accept losses like the match at the Nou Camp again. With four Clasicos coming up in 18 days, FCB have an advantage as they are seen as the stronger side, but this doesn’t mean Real Madrid won’t try their best and it doesn’t mean they’ll lose. La Liga might be impossible with the 8 points gap, but the Whites will fight until the last match and until the last second. Our chance to win Copa del Rey & the Champions League just as much as the other teams have a chance.

Lastly, I must admit and say that at the beginning of the season I disapproved of the signings, but then each player proved to be a successful signing and has helped the team in potential times. Next season though, and for once, I hope Florentino Perez doesn’t spend a fortune and sell our key players (remember Sneijder?). I personally like our current line-up.


Good luck to Real Madrid in the coming matches! Bring it on Barca! Hala Madrid! It would be amazing if we beat the cules in all matches!

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