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The following post is a guest contribution by Tashiani Padiachy, a Madridista from Johannesburg, South Africa. She voices her opinions on the crazy month of April with not one or two but prospectively four Clasicos coming up! Enjoy!

El Clasico is usually played twice in a season, but this season things are different and special...rightfully so -

Real Madrid in 2010/11 are something special too:

• We have the best coach in the world

• We have the greatest concentration of young talent in Europe

• We have guts , commitment and a talent that matches our legendary reputation

• Die Hard Fans

• And a die hard spirit

All these factors combined warrant the challenge of not 1 but 4 clasicos in a month!

So before all the madness begins, let's see 'the good, the bad and the ugly' of what's in store …

The Bad...and the Ugly

Firstly forgive me fellow Madridistas, but I have to admit, Barca in their current form are scary. Scary , in the sense that when you watch them and that characteristic possession obsession they have, you wonder just how the hell they got so damn good but it boils down to breaking the intricate Messi - Xavi- Iniesta trinity. Realistically , the odds are stacked against us and so is the recent history. Monday, November 29th, Camp Nou, a day we would rather forget, unfortunately the Barca fans will ensure that for as long as we don’t create a new Clasico memory, that day will indeed haunt us. But let’s graciously give them the credit they deserve, and show respect for all the upcoming Clasicos.

And just when I start losing hope about us beating them this season, my inner optimist reminds me that no team is invincible, not even them .We have seen their defence crumble once or twice this season too , perhaps the mistake we made last  November was we tried playing a Barca game against Barca. Now we have to play our way and see what happens !

If I were to choose which competition I want us to win , I’d undoubtedly say The Champions League , because of the impact it will have on our young motivated team and the pride it will help restore to our incredible European history. It’s been too long we need this!

The Copa Del Rey will be nice too , so I see that as an easy win and it's something I know we can take . Sadly even thou we played well this season, La liga 2010/2011 is as Mou would call it "Practically Impossible"

So what is the good? Where does this leave us and is there hope? OFCOURSE!

The good :

To be fair we should not be measured on 1 game, let’s analyse this in true Madridista style. The 5-0 defeat does not define us and no matter how good Barca may seem, I have no doubt that we will match up man to man and prove our critics wrong , we thrive on challenges and we've overcome our challenges on many instances. Let’s not forget that we are the greatest football club ever and NOT only are we prepared for this challenge , but we will bravely oblige!

Preparation :

- In the 30 games played this season we have 23 victories, 4 Draws and 3 losses

- Since our loss to Barca in November we have played as a collective attacking unit

Karim Benzema is in form. He's come through for us when we needed him the most , and there’s nothing more dangerous than a young gifted talented striker who's hungry for goals.

This season Ozil and Di Maria have brought so much of spark and excitement to our attack now that El Pipita is fit and ready, I can only imagine what these 3 contributions are going to do for us.

Madrid throughout this season have shown commitment and exceptional performances. Besides teamwork there is the individual talent of Marcelo and Cristiano Ronaldo and their one touch football is simply breathtaking. Whatever Mou is doing its working. We might not be totally there yet but we certainly are getting there!


For all the criticism and skepticism Mourinho has received since arriving at the Bernabeu , his talisman like presence is setting the stage for something great to come ...

Have faith Madridistas and let’s look forward to it , every game I watch us play makes me feel that we getting a little closer , perhaps all we need is patience and belief In Jose and this team. Maybe its destiny that we play 4 Clasicos this month could be the moment we've been waiting for!

Perhaps this quote from the movie Varsity Blues sums it up best :

"… we can't be afraid to lose. There's no room for fear in this game. If we go out there and half-ass it because we're scared, all we're left with is an excuse. We're always gonna wonder. But if we go out there and give it absolutely everything...That's heroic. Let's be heroes!"



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