Esteban Granero - Pedro Leon all over again

Esteban Granero has played roughly 5 minutes this season in his two substitute appearances in La Liga. He's currently sidelined due to an injury thereby missing out from being named in the squad for the last two games.

We had the instance of Pedro Leon being treated unfairly in not being included in the squad or not given any playing time when he arguably gave more effort and showed more of a desire to play than others did. Eventually after a bitter fight he moved to Getafe on loan this summer. The same treatment seems to be inflicted upon Granero this season.

Granero has not been included at times in the squad and when he has been included, he doesn't get to play while Lass who acted extremely unprofessionally in demanding a move out from the club, gets to play. And if we go by the style of play then I would go so far as to say that Granero would do an equally great job if not a better job than Lass would. After all, Lass has the tendency to get us in a bit of a bother with his reckless tackling. Granero on the other hand is smart with his tackling, runs his socks off, helps out in attack as well.

As a former Caterano he rose from the youth setup to make it to the Castilla side. He found his opportunity to be part of the first side blocked in the 2006-07, only to join Getafe on loan. He made an impact at Coliseum Alfonso Perez. But returned at the end of the season only to make his move permanent in 2008. Again he spent a year at Getafe after which Real got him back using the buy-back clause and paid 4m Euros for him. Another instance where we spent money to get back a player we developed.

He found his options limited after Khedira and Ozil arrived last summer as he made more substitute appearances. This season, however, the situation has worsened for him. He's gone further down the pecking order as he finds Alonso, Khedira, Lass and even Altintop up ahead of him. With Sahin yet to play for us, the chances of Granero being a regular or even being the third option look extremely slim.

Malaga are reportedly interested in signing him and so are Arsenal. Daily Mail however claim he is interested in signing for Malaga rather than the Londoners. Either way, I think Granero should move out because he's a quality player and he doesn't deserve to warm the bench. It all depends on whether Mourinho let's him leave or not. Last year he stuck to Gago even though the Argentine was injured pretty much throughout the campaign but he wanted backup options. The same could be done with Granero if Mourinho wants to and there is nothing that anyone can do about it.

What do you make of the Granero situation? Is it right to keep him on the bench? Would you rather see him leave and play elsewhere regularly?

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  1. I personaly wld pick granero over khedira . Bcoz his passing is way better nd he can cope better with the speed at which we atack nowerdays

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