Valdano exits Real Madrid, does Jose have too much power?

There were reports some weeks back saying Jorge Valdano, director general at the club would be exiting his post due to conflict with Jose Mourinho in the past. Then there was Jorge Valdano himself denying such reports saying he's staying. But today, came the bombshell. Valdano's contract with the club was terminated after holding the post since Perez took over in 2009.

Speaking at the press conference, Florentino Perez said -

As you are all aware, we started last season with a new and exciting sports project that looks to the future, is based on having very young people, and has Jose Mourinho at its helm with all our confidence.

The experience we had during the campaign that has just ended has proved the need for a new organisational structure within the club, by which our coach will be able to manage the team with autonomy, and which will avoid the disfunctions that happened due to the existence of a Director General's office of a distinct sporting character.

For this reason, the Board has decided to withdraw this Director General's office, which was run by Jorge Valdano, and incorporate its responsibilities to the Director General's office run by Jose Angel Sanchez. The coach, whose job will entail many responsibilities, will answer directly to Jose Angel Sanchez.

Therefore, due to the withdrawal of this Director General's office, it has been agreed to rescind Jorge Valdano's contract with the club.

This is the first step in the reorganisational process we will undertake in the coming weeks.

I do not want to hide, and wish to manifest, how painful Jorge Valdano's departure is to me. We've come a long way together, but Club Members also chose us to make the decisions we consider to be best at different times.

My feelings should not be a reason for me not to do what I believe is my duty.

We are very grateful to Jorge for the work he's done and for his dedication. We wish him the best and we would like him to be linked to the club once again in the future

Other bits from the conference which were shared on Twitter:

  • Jose Mourinho will now be responsible for speaking to the press about any sporting decisions.
  • On Kun Aguero, "We're not contemplating that possibility"
  • Jose Mourinho will now be responsible for speaking to the press about any sporting decisions.
  • Perez - From now on, the club will work as English clubs do
  • Perez on Mourinho: "We believe in him and we're thinking about the future. We want him here for many years."
  • No comments on the economic cost of Valdano's exit (however reports say it could cost the club 3.5 million Euros)
  • Perez: 'with Mourinho and Valdano there were clearly problems. 2 people were doing the same job'

Valdano spoke thereafter and this is what he had to say -

I've never turned Real Madrid into a battlefield. I was long before the general director Jorge Valdano and I have always fled from that battle. I respect and love this club and my effort has been directed to keep up the greatness of this team.

(On Mourinho) I appreciate your continued because it is good for a club that has been unstable for some time. Need to settle for a reasonable time. He has done a good job, I think he's a good coach and it seems normal to continue at the club.

(On structural change) Real Madrid is very large and that does not mean that this new structure will be easy. Its a solution that has found the president in a difficult situation and was not easy to manage.

It is always painful to move away from people and places dear.

Other bits from Valdano's press conference:

  • Valdano - My relationship with Real Madrid is over after this press conference
  • Valdano: "Real Madrid decided it. As I said, It wasnt true that I was going to resign"
  • Valdano: "I know it wasn't an easy decision to make but they have to do what they think is right for the club."
  • Valdano - "My loyalty lasted until the last day"
  • Valdano: "If this was a battle, this decision clearly states who is the winner of the fight"
  • Valdano: 'I haven't spoken to Jose Mourinho face-to-face for a long time. We didn't need to'
  • Valdano: "This club has educated me, taught me a lot. It's always painful to move away from what you want"
  • Valdano: "27 years ago this club has had very strong values​​. We must ensure that these values ​​remain"
  • Valdano - "I take refuge in the values of Real Madrid"

By the look and sound of things, its a Mourinho job. There have been no structural changes in the past but managers have been sacked for underachieving, example Pellegrini. This time however, Mourinho has been the man in charge. He's had a say in the transfer business and dominated in respect of being the one answerable for the club too.

While am all for giving the manager the independence and the freedom to choose which player he wants, on this occasions things have gone out of hand. Perez doesn't seem like the one who has the first say or complete control but its Jose Mourinho. Many would say that it has worked at Manchester United and Arsenal under Sir Alex and Arsene Wenger but they've been at their respective clubs for a very long time to have that control. In this situation, however, Mourinho has control in just one season. During this one year he has commented on his desire to manage Manchester United, when the opportunity does come up. Is it the right idea to give this much control to a man who's not decisive about his long term future at the club he's currently at? There was Vicente Del Bosque who was sacked after winning the league and yet after all that he achieved there was very little say for him on the transfer business, which is absurd when you compare the situations.

Now about the structure at the club. Perez says the club would try to function like English clubs do. Does that statement mean that the board of the club would play a smaller role and managers gets to take the decisions? If it does, then am not sure it would work out at Real Madrid. Perez is known for his desires to land the best players in the business. He did it with the Galactico era and he did it by signing Cristiano, so the odds of him shying away and letting Mourinho take control seem grim.

Possibly the best piece of information from the entire conference was that Kun Aguero deal isn't a go ahead or so claimed by Perez.

What do you think of the boards' decision and the overall picture that the club depicts right now?

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