Spurs v Real Madrid: Post match comments

Post match comments from Real Madrid's 1-0 away victory at White Hart Lane v Spurs.

Xabi Alonso

Much has been made ​​of these games, but until now it was speculation. Now these teams are a fact and we must go for them. We are two teams that know each other very well and is sure to be very intense.

We have to go slowly, because that is the formula for success. Now let's enjoy the victory and the classification, but from tomorrow we will start thinking about Saturday's game.

Jose Mourinho

Barcelona are a fantastic team and you have to tip your hat when they play well, but they win when they play well and also when not playing well. We can not force cards. So Carvalho will not play the first leg and will play another. But he'll be back.

A key will be to finish the game with eleven players. For some reason a player always ends up getting sent off against them.

A less experienced referee took to the field today, he would blown for a penalty. So we knew that we have to take the game seriously, not get booked and control every minute.

We are a young team without much experience and a work in progress but I still think it's normal that we are in the semis, that's the Real Madrid history.

Iker Casillas

We now have two straight games against them (Barcelona), but the feelings are different than the Champions League. Now we would play a league match against Barcelona, ​​but it will be different.

As captain of Real Madrid when I say that that game (against Barca in the league ) does not matter would be disrespecting Real Madrid fans. Let's go all out to win and cut points. The league still is as possible.

(On semis) It has taken quite a while to reach where the Madrid fans want us. We are clearly worthy of moving to the next round.

(On today's win) A 4-0 is a comfortable lead, but I think we've been firmly planted and we have done justice.

Alvaro Arbeloa

(On Spurs) a great team that have been tight and pressed us.

(On yellow cards before the game and Mourinho's stance) He said it was an important game and none of them could stay on the bench.

(On Barcelona meetings) It will be nice for people who like football. We are playing for titles in these games and will be very important.

League is difficult and depends on how far we take it. Hopefully we cut the lead this weekend. This team wants to win the four game although we know it will be difficult because they have a great team.

Cristiano Ronaldo

We are happy for qualifying for the next round. Tottenham Hotspur are a great team, but we did a great job in both games. We've taken an important step because we're now closer to the final.

We will face the strongest opponent of all in the semifinals, and we must be ready. We will prepare differently for each of our games against Barcelona.

Barcelona are one of the best teams in the world, but so are we. We have to believe it is possible for us to beat them. We are having a good run and feel confident. The team that makes the least mistakes will reach the final. I hope it's Real Madrid.

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