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Real Madrid target their own!

  A club’s biggest asset probably are its fans. The people, who throng the stadiums, support the team even when they’re not doing well and in the current scenario, buy the clubs’ ridiculously expensive merchandise despite the financial crisis in most countries. These fans do it because it’s their hometown club, they have some sort [...]

Gotta earn the bread!

While I study to become a journalist, I have been running this blog and other endeavours as well. It takes time, money and effort to keep things ticking and flowing. So, advertisement and sponsorships are crucial to keep this blog alive. (If you want to sponsor or advertise here then you can contact me via [...]

Merengue Bites - A Real Madrid podcast

Not to confuse anyone with that Real Madrid pumpkin image but it was Halloween yesterday and this pumpkin was carved beautifully by Vanessa so I thought why not show it to all :) Also, Happy Halloween everyone! I have some fantastic news. Yours truly along with Kaushik and Bassam of Real Madrid Football Blog kicked off a podcast [...]