Angel Di Maria is Real Madrid’s first signing of the summer

..or so says Wikipedia! As per the Wikipedia page located here, he has signed for Real Madrid already. It goes on to say that Los Blancos would pay €34.5 million euros for the Argentine who plays/played for Portuguese club, Benefica.

Wikipedia allows user editing and that's how it runs. So it looks like a job of some mischievous person who really needs a job! Anyway, here is a snapshot of it before its gone (if it goes that is..)

Wikipedia is the new,eh?

Thanks Ahmed Hasan for the tip-off.

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  1. Hope madrid will give chance to benzema

  2. Hope so too. 1st season and injuries haven't been kind to him. Needs some sort of motivation.

  3. UNTRUE, I have many points to say that signing will not happen!

  4. I was just pointing out that wikipedia has become another . Although I do think the deal will happen.

  5. Wikipedia can be edited by ANYONE, go ahead try it out for yourself!

    The deal won't happen, Perez wants Spanish players, he'll sign David Silva instead! Mark my words!

  6. Which is why I said wikipedia can be edited. Remember uses of beachball after the Sunderland game this season v Liverpool. I wouldn't mind David silva either to be honest. He's a creative player and a hard worker which is a good thing..

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