Real Madrid players celebrate

Analysis from tonights 2-0 away win away to Racing Santander.

  • Casillas needs to stay in his goal and not venture out of his line. We saw what can happen when he gets “adventurous” (vs Getafe) and then today he was well outside his line but luckily the ball wasn’t on target.
  • The game was extremely boring with neither of the sides being able to get past the midfield with much precision to bother either of the goalkeepers.
  • Ronaldo got the penalty and dispatched it cleanly. Good quick feet by the Portuguese to earn the decision and calmly scoring to put us a goal ahead.
  • Our defence wasn’t bothered on a lot of occasions. Not that it was a rock solid performance at the back but it was more of Santander’s lack of clinical movement when they entered the final third.
  • Santander enjoyed most of the possession in the beginning stages of the second half as they were stronger and hungrier than our players in the midfield.
  • All this changed when Guti entered who had the vision to try and make defence splitting passes which were missing earlier. His vision also proved decisive in us getting the second goal courtesy a long ball forward to Higuain who scored his 24th goal in 24 goals (2 behind Messi). Pipita has now scored 100 goals for Real Madrid (83 in La Liga, 16 in Champions League and 1 in Copa del Rey)
  • It was sort of disheartening to see, Marcos Alonso, a young talent come on for very few minutes. I agree that Pellegrini is under a lot of pressure for us to perform and get the title but the youngsters deserve more time on the pitch. Mosquera has come on once for us in the past but again for very few minutes. The exposure for them is missing, the only time they can come on is when the team is in a comfortable position. Another place for implementation could be Kings Cup but we didn’t get that luxury!
  • I am sorry but Granero shouldn’t start as per me. Every week he starts but fails to make an impact on the game. To be honest, I don’t think Guti can play 90 minutes either but another way around has to be considered. Creativity is missing from Granero.
  • Another interesting stat (courtesy Just4Anna) – Cristiano Ronaldo and Higuain are now 7 goals away from Di Stefano and Puskas’ goal record of 49 goals in a partnership.