Mourinho’s 13 points, were they correct?

Jose Mourinho during game against Sevilla in La Liga

After 1-0 victory over Sevilla last night thanks to Angel di Maria's goal in the 77th minute, Jose Mourinho started a huge tirade against referee Clos Gomez who shelled out a whooping 11 yellow cards and 2 red cards. Mourinho in his post match press conference had a sheet in his hand with 13 errors made by the referee. While crticizing the referee for their mistakes is nothing new but to actually have a sheet of paper ready to go to the press conference is new.

This was wrong on two levels.

1. Mourinho didn't talk about our performance which was not good enough to beat Sevilla.

2. Mourinho had the sole intention of blasting the referee and nothing else. Thirteen points, really?

What were those 13 points?

1. Minuto 9: Falta de Konko a Di María. Debería sacar amarilla y no lo hace. Error. (Foul by Konko on Di Maria. Should give a yellow but doesn’t. Error) – A rash challenge with studs showing but early on in the game so no yellow card for me. Foul most certainly.

2. Minuto 14: Fuera de juego de Özil, no era. Error. (Ozil wasn’t offside. Error) – Ozil is marginally onside. Its very hard to say if Ozil’s shoulder put him offside.

3. Minuto 20: Fuera de juego de Benzema. No era. Error. (Benzema not offside. Error) – Benzema is definitely onside with the defender marking Ronaldo playing him onside. Doesn’t matter in the end as Benzema fails to capitalise on the opportunity even though the whistle was blown late.

4. Minuto 24: Falta de Zokora a Khedira. No saca amarilla. Error. (Foul by Zokora on Khedira. No yellow card produced. Error) – Again a foul for sure but yellow not really sure. It was a challenge from behind and a cynical one at that but not worthy of a yellow card in my opinion.

5. Minuto 25': Falta a Cristiano en la frontal no pitada. Error. (Shove on Ronaldo’s back but no foul. Error) - Easily a foul as Ronaldo was pushed in the back. Wrong decision by the referee to let the play continue.

6. Minuto 34: Fuera de juego del Sevilla no pitado. Error. (Sevilla offside, not called for. Error) – Very much offside and not called. Bad decision.

7. Minuto 39: Falta a Özil que no pita. Error. (Foul on Ozil. Error) – Yes a foul and even worthy of a card in my opinion.

8. Minuto 43: Fuera de juego que pita a Ozil. No era. Error. (Ozil called offside when it wasn’t. Error) – A very horrible decision with Ozil offside by 2-3 yards at least.

9. Un minuto de descuento cuando había más pérdidas de tiempo... Error. (A minute of injury time when there was more waste of time ... Error) – C’mon! Error for giving one minute of stoppage time? May be true but worthy of a mention as an error, not really.

10. Minuto 47: Fuera de juego de Özil que no es. Error (Ozil isn’t offside. Error) – Another incorrect offside decision. Ozil did well to stay onside and mark his run to perfection only for the sideline referee to wreck things.

11. Minuto 64: Segunda amarilla a Carvalho por darse un cabezazo con Negredo en un salto. Error. (Second yellow for Carvalho as both him and Negredo collide when taking the header. Error) – Hard to say but I think it was a deserved yellow card as Carvalho jumped in with his elbow facing Negredo. My reason for confusion would be that Carvalho was already booked so this seemed a little harsh.

12. Minuto 69: Penalti de Escudé a Granero que no pita. Error. (Penalty for foul on Granero by Escude. Error) – Definitely a penalty. Escude had his hands around Granero throughout the time the player had the ball and it was a good tackle if you were playing Rugby.

13. Minuto 78' Tarjeta amarilla a Özil por pérdida de tiempo en el cambio. Las pérdidas del Sevilla no son castigadas. Error. (Ozil given a yellow for time wasting at the time of substitution. Sevilla wasted time as well but weren’t punished. Error) – I do think Sevilla wasted a lot of time when taking goal kicks so this one makes sense. Although Ozil deserved the yellow for going too slow as well. Even-stevens then?

What do you think about the fouls called by the referee? Do they make sense? What about Mourinho’s reaction to all of it?

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