We started things off two weeks back by talking to Adam Bader as part of new section titled KNOW THY MADRIDISTA and then we talked to Saajid Vawda , another popular Madridista on Twitter.

This week, lets try and equate the gender parity by bringing in a female Madridista, Saviola87. I met her on Twitter and she is a superb person and was very kind to provide me with pictures of the game versus AC Milan at Bernabeu. Without further ado, let’s hear her responses to the usual questions.

Tanuj : First up, tell us about you.

Saviola87 : I go by Saviola (nickname) although I’m not really a fan of the player. I’m a 23 years old girl from the UAE. I love football & tennis (playing & watching) as well as formula1..

T : Since when have you been a Real Madrid fan? (if you happen to remember)

S : I’ve become a Madridista in 2002 after the World Cup. I saw a friendly of Real Madrid and there was something about the club that made me like it. Then, Ronaldo (Brazilian) joined the club, and he was my favorite player at that time, so more reason to watch and support the club.

T : What is your favourite part of Real Madrid football club?

S : I love everything about it! This club is special and just different than others.

T : Which has been your all time favourite Real Madrid player?

S : As I mentioned above, Ronaldo was my favorite player. Currently I would say San Iker is, our savior.

T : A Real Madrid moment you can’t forget?

S : Wining La Liga in 02/03, that was my first season as a Madridista. I remember staying up until 3 or 4am to watch the celebration on RM tv.

T : La Liga or UCL, which one would you love to see us win more?

S : I’d love it if we win both, but if I had to choose one I’d go with UCL.

T : Which has been your favourite signing for this season? (excluding Mourinho)

S : I would say Ozil is even though the others have been a great help to the team as well.

T :Which game did you most enjoy this season?

S : The one against AC Milan because I attended that match at the Bernabeu. We played well, could’ve won with a bigger score, and the atmosphere was amazing!