Welcome Renata!

Hola Madridistas! This is just an informatory post where I welcome a fellow Madridista and a very knowledgeable one at that, Renata Dante. I met her on Twitter and saw her Tumblr blog. Loved how much she knew about everything that goes on in players' lives and practically everything off the pitch (not that she's not watching the game, mind you!) . She's a huge Metzelder fan so without further ado, I welcome you Ren as a fellow author here to add another dimension to The Real Madrid Fan! .

You can follow Ren on Twitter and find her posts here.

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  1. Tajun, thank you for warm welcome, and invited me as your co-writer. I hope you won't change your mind by pull me in. LOL ;)

  2. I won't. Except when you get my name wrong! [Its Tanuj! :p]

  3. You misspell my name too, its Renata

  4. OOPS!! Should change.

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