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Good News and Bad News

I have some good news and bad news as we enter the final days of the year. First lets go with the good news :

1. The Real Madrid Fan! has moved to an improved server in terms of speed and down time protection so hopefully (fingers crossed) there won’t be any downtime issues like there were in the past.

2. Have shifted media (images mainly) storage to Amazon S3 so the pages would load faster than before with a centralised server.

3. I have heard 3 thumbs up responses for "Know Thy Madridista” so that’s a great thing. Expect more interesting things/ideas in the future.

Now for the only teensy tiny bad news :

1. Due to the shifting to a better server, some old images have been lost and won’t load so older posts would look strange as the image at the top and the thumbnail would be missing. From now on, its going to be smooth sailing. (again hopefully!)

Thanks for reading!

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