Proof is idiotic!

I had highlighted earlier how Daily Mail thought Henry played for Real Madrid and now I have as an example of how some text needs to be rechecked before it goes live. as it is is awful when it comes to reporting Real Madrid news and most of what they report is just ridiculous to say the least.

Real Madrid play AC Milan tonight in a crucial and a highly anticipated UEFA Champions League game. (Read preview here if you want) The squad was released and was published on many football news sites, including The writer went on to write what he thought should be the starting lineup. All well and good, except one small error. Factual error. Image with the proof :

The squad doesn't list Ramos but the lineup does. What's even funnier? The comments up until now have not noticed Ramos is out injured and some commentors even included Ramos to their prediction! Way to go! (Link to the story)

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