Gonzalo Higuain

Do you notice something missing from Gonzalo ‘Pipita’ Higuain, No? I do, it’s A GOALS.  Amazing goals which are synonymous with strikers and especially with Higuain who has been exceptional this season. Except in the last three games. A striker who was always craving for goals seem to be losing his magical touch of goals; what happened with Pipita?

Recently a paparazzi magazine published news about Gonzalo “Pipita” Higuain and Luciana Salazar who could be in a relationship.


The story began when Real Madrid striker asked the manager and his brother Niko to invite the blonde model to the stadium to watch El clasico. After the game, the two dined together and what happened next is a mystery ….Luciana Salazar Ortega is an Argentina glamor model, singer and actress. In 2008, she was rumored to be dating Leo Messi, but it was denied by the little Argentinian. She’s  also been linked to Argentina’s head coach, Diego Maradona. She’s 7 years older than Higuain and has a long record with the Argentinian footballer.

Miss Salazar isn’t the only girl who has been linked to Pipita, before her media had speculated ‘something’ between him and new girl name Tatiana.


The 19 year old is one of  Gran Hermano’s (Spanish version of Big Brother) contestant of season 11. She’s a Russian who has lived in Spain since the age of 12, and works as a hairdresser. Pipita met her through his friend who was Tatiana’s client. She caused huge media stir after having sex with housemate Arturo live during the reality TV program.

Let’s hope this won’t hamper his ability to score goals, because he seems to busy to score with blondes otherwise!