Man behind the scenes

In the past 3 games, there’s been a big question in my mind (or maybe in my fellow Madridistas’ minds too) as to why Rafael van der Vaart and Ricardo Kaka are celebrating their goals by running to bench and looking for Jerzy Dudek?

In the Almeria game, my first thought was he will dedicate his goal and take off his jersey for Sylvie van der Vaart for a “Happy Birthday” greeting. Instead of Sylvie, Rafa dedicated his goal in the Almería game to Jerzy Dudek, because he deserved it, for being a wonderful teammate who is always cheering everyone on.

It seems Rafa’s case is similar with Ricky, he decided to celebrate his goals with Jerzy (AND NOT WITH CRISTIANO RONALDO), after Dudek told him every day, “you are one of the best players in the world and you’re going to show that to everyone.”

Gracias Jerzy!