Real Madrid team of the year 2010

As the year comes to an end, it is time for many lists to be created which usually start with "TOP 10 ...." or "Best of ...." or "... of the year!". Well, am going with the tradition and have created my own Team of the year 2010. So without further ado, let's get to it.

Iker Casillas - The best goalkeeper in the world right now. Won the World Cup with Spain in the summer and has proved his worth in front of the goal time and time again, week in week out, each and every season. El Captain.

Sergio Ramos - Another member of La Roja, Ramos has held his place on the right back for a considerable period of time. Second in command to Casillas, Ramos has the ability to defend exceptionally and also turn provider with his crosses.

Pepe - Since Cannavaro left, Pepe got into the role of central defender in the 2009/10 season. He did well to be a perfect replacement (except the crazy of Getafe last season in April). Good in the air and ability to make crucial interventions and tackles.

Carvalho - I would pick Carvalho, a new signing for my team of the year due to the cover he's brought to the team. He has improved the defence with the support he provides to other defenders and also more importantly brought about a change in defensive mindset for other defenders as well.

Marcelo - Marcelo so far in the current season has been a very improved player. His tackling ability has improved leaps and bounces and the skills and trickery has started to show his Brazilian talent.

Alonso - This is not much of a surprise. Xabi Alonso provides superb cover to the back four, rotates the ball around in the midfield and has the vision to spread the ball beautifully with his trademark long ball.

Lass - Some might disagree with me on this but in my opinion, Lass is a very talented defensive midfield player. Agreed he commits a lot of fouls but put that against the important tackles he makes and the possession he wins back and the tide turns in his favour. If you spot a guy in a Real Madrid shirt running his socks off, that'd be Lass.

Ozil - Ozil emerged as a sensation at the World Cup for the Germans. He's a very young and promising attacking midfielder who can change the game in an instant with his delightful passes and can also put the ball in the back of the net with free kicks and in open play.

Di Maria - Another attacking midfielder who we were linked with for quite a long period of time. Di Maria like Ozil filled the void of a creative attacking midfielder in our formation. He can be selfish at times but his ability cannot be questioned when it comes to scoring goals and at turning provider.

Ronaldo - Ronaldo a huge huge signing for Florentino Perez. He used to play as a winger for Manchester United but here he started off in midfield and then became virtually a second striker. No one can question his skills with the ball. He can score some absolute hammers with his right footed free kicks and can turn provider as well.

Higuain - Higuain has kept his place in front of Benzema with his positive accuracy. He might not be the trickiest forwards you would find but what matters is that he puts the ball in the back of the net when the chance comes to him. When he's not at his best, he can become provider for his team mates.

Are there any of my choices that you disagree with? Or agree with? Do you think someone deserves to be in the list who I should have included? Comment away!

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