The Red Cards leave a bad taste

Real Madrid dominated the entire game at Amsterdam Arena which resulted in a superb 4-0 win for the team over Ajax. 4 wins and 1 draw in 5 games. Perfect record and we were top of the group for sure even if we lose or draw the last game against Auxerre.

The concern : Both Xabi Alonso and Sergio Ramos had picked up a card in the game. Any more yellow cards in the Auxerre game and they would both be forced to miss the crucial first leg of the knock out round.

Solution : In the 87th minute – Xabi Alonso gets his second yellow of the game for time wasting.

3 minutes later, Ramos gets sent off for time wasting as well.

What happened really? 

This video captures the hush-hush talk between Mourinho, Dudek, Alonso, Ramos and Casillas each either being the recipient of a message or the one who passed the message.

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My view : Many people have conflicting views on the Alonso and Ramos red cards which were blatantly obvious and the intentions extremely clear. Alonso going out without protest and taking forever to take the free kick and Ramos fixing his socks on numerous occasions and then the handshake before exiting the pitch without any fuss whatsoever.

I’ve read many views and heard many opinions of fans and managers on it. Some have commended Mourinho for smart tactics to get the players off of the dead game and to have a clean slate in the knock out stages. And to commend his smartness, its not against any rules by UEFA so there cannot be a direct charge on the players or the manager or the club for going against rules.

Yet, am not convinced with how things transpired. The whole performance and dominance has been marred by two controversial red cards. UEFA launched investigation into the red cards incident and then the following day, UEFA charged the quartet for misconduct.

The club have a responsibility towards fair play and to protect and grow the rich culture and history that the club holds. With such actions, the club is gaining in the short run but not doing its image any good. We are already made a scapegoat when it comes to media ire and hate and now with UEFA running behind us its not really helping us make friends. The club stands to lose in terms of fans and marketing revenue if such tactics continue despite the stars on the pitch.

In fact, this is not the first time a team or player has tried to get himself deliberately sent off. Cris and Juninho were both sent off when they wasted time where they were fined 15000 and 10000 Euros respectively. Incidentally, that was also a suspension for a dead game since Bayern Munich and Lyon had already qualified for next stage. To make things worse for the two Brazilians, they bragged about time wastage and went public with it.

So why the difference of handling the two situations? What’s the difference? And more importantly, didn’t UEFA stand up and take notice when same thing happened earlier and make the necessary changes in their rule book?

What do you think of the whole situation? Leave a comment below!

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