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5 Things to expect at El Clasico tonight!

As we inch closer and closer to the El Clasico which is clearly the biggest football night in the world. Barcelona host Real Madrid at Nou Camp for the 13th game of the season. Single point separates the two sides with Real top on 32 points and Barcelona on 31 points. You might have read [...]

Know Thy Madridista : Saviola87

We started things off two weeks back by talking to Adam Bader as part of new section titled KNOW THY MADRIDISTA and then we talked to Saajid Vawda , another popular Madridista on Twitter. This week, lets try and equate the gender parity by bringing in a female Madridista, Saviola87. I met her on Twitter [...]

The Red Cards leave a bad taste

Real Madrid dominated the entire game at Amsterdam Arena which resulted in a superb 4-0 win for the team over Ajax. 4 wins and 1 draw in 5 games. Perfect record and we were top of the group for sure even if we lose or draw the last game against Auxerre. The concern : Both [...]

Know Thy Madridista : Saajid Vawda

We started things off last week by talking to Adam Bader as part of new section titled KNOW THY MADRIDISTA and today we talk to Saajid Vawda, a very popular Madridista on Twitter. Tanuj : First up, tell us about you. Saajid : I’m Saajid Vawda, a 17-year-old student (and Madridista, of course) from Mauritius. [...]

Know Thy Madridista : Adam Bader

To start things off with this section, I put in some questions for Adam Bader who many of you might already know due to his presence on Facebook and Twitter along with owning a very successful blog which really kick started things for him to be where he is now. Without further ado let’s get [...]