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Real Madrid open school for Jamaica kids

The proposed football school will be modeled as the Real Madrid Foundation’s network of schools for social integration and will target young people in underprivileged situations and will transcend purely sport education, focusing on social integration, training youngsters through solidarity, community and social service to ensure that they will be able to cope in different [...]

Messi to Real Madrid for £120 million says Daily Mirror

Yeah just like you, am baffled (and amused!) to see the headline too. How can Daily Mirror be so ridiculously dumb to even consider for one second that Florentino Perez would want to make an offer that would make Juan Laporta laugh in his chair and keep it for his daily pleasure? Yeah that’s how [...]

Angel Di Maria is Real Madrid’s first signing of the summer

..or so says Wikipedia! As per the Wikipedia page located here, he has signed for Real Madrid already. It goes on to say that Los Blancos would pay €34.5 million euros for the Argentine who plays/played for Portuguese club, Benefica.