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WATCH VIDEO: Fernando Morientes speaks about Real Madrid, Alvaro Morata and the transfer ban

Fernando Morientes while on a trip to India to promote La Liga spoke about Real Madrid.

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Phenomenal Gareth Bale can be Wales’ Euro inspiration

Gareth Bale can make it or break it for Wales at the Euro 2016 in France. He could be the guiding light in a tough group or a dud after heroic campaign.

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La Liga or Champions League – between brain and heart

With prospectively six games left into the season for Real Madrid, the season could end with a double, one trophy or once again - without one. But where should Real Madrid focus their energies?

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The Real Madrid Fan’s journey

I explain the birth, the reasons behind the website, the journey, the thought process and bits and pieces about Real Madrid from my perspective in an interview. Enjoy!

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Real Madrid’s 2015 wrap up

Real Madrid's 2015 contained its ups and downs both on and off the pitch. Booted out late on in the semis of Champions League was disappointing. As was seeing Carlo Ancelotti go. Presenting Real Madrid's 2015 in a nutshell.

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